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Drain Surgery’s plumbers are fully qualified to unclog and clean blocked drains and sewers in Melbourne. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, and offer same day services around Melbourne, Victoria. We strive to make sure your clogged drains or sewers are cleared and restored to ‘good health’ in no time at all. Utilising the latest drain inspection camera and high pressure cleaning equipment, we make sure there’s no physical damages done to your drainage system. For drain cleaning or drains unblocked in Melbourne, call us now.

Do you have blocked drains? Melbourne locals can call on Drain Surgery to clear your drains through and through. No matter how big or small, no matter where they are – we’ll get the job done. At Drain Surgery, our team is passionate about the work we do. We guarantee you won’t find a better professional than us to unblock drains in your Melbourne property. Professionals in our trade, we don’t focus on all-round plumbing; our specialty is unblocking drains. So, if you need drain cleaning, Melbourne’s best is Drain Surgery.


As a premium blocked drain plumber, we utilize a special camera system that can reach depths of up to 40 metres – this means it’s capable of servicing commercial and residential properties, no matter the drain depth or size. Our camera system is capable of capturing top-quality footage in low lighting conditions to accurately identify the blockage’s cause.

For reliable professional help with clogged drains Melbourne, Drain Surgery has you covered! We start off by working with you to identify the clogged drain in your Melbourne home before solving the issue. We have a custom-built Jetwave Hydrojet cleaner on the job – it’s a pressurized water system that can clear nearly any form of blockage, including tree roots! Some added bonuses – the hydrojet won’t cause any physical damage to the pipe internals and the whole process will only take a maximum of a few hours from start to finish. So, if you require a professional for your clogged drains, Melbourne locals can get in touch with us today.


If your Melbourne property is in desperate need of drain clearing, you can rely on Drain Surgery to deliver! We are expert drain cleaners, passionate about our work, ready to take on any job – big or small! At Drain Surgery, we are drain clearing specialists – plumbers even use our services to complement their work! Do you need professionals to unblock drains in Melbourne? Get in touch now.


We guarantee you won’t find better drain cleaning in Melbourne. Our custom-built Jetwave Hydrojet Cleaner is on the job. A pressurized water system that clears just about any form of blockage, including the nastiest of tree roots. On top of this, the hydrojet won’t cause any physical damage to your pipes and we’ll be in and out in a maximum of a few hours. When you need drain cleaning in Melbourne, you can always count on Drain Surgery to unblock your drains.

We can unblock any type of drain for you including blocked sewer drains for Melbourne residents. So, if you’re looking for the best blocked drain plumber, with specialty in blocked sewer drains, Melbourne has to offer, you can rely on Drain Surgery! We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Want assistance with blocked sewer drains? Melbourne locals give us a call today on 0427 717 037 for your inquiry or booking.


As a top-tier drain cleaner, we service Melbourne homes with our specialised camera system that has the ability to reach a depth of up to 40 metres. With a variety of applications, this camera is completely capable of scoping out both residential and commercial properties, no matter what type of drainage system they have in place.

There’s almost nothing more inconvenient than a blocked drain. If you are looking for a specialist plumber to unblock drains in your Melbourne home, you can trust Drain Surgery! We’re Melbourne’s drain clearing experts! Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call today on 0427 717 037 for your inquiry or booking.

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