Blocked Drains Prahran

Blocked Drains Prahran

Are you sick and tired of having annoying blocked drains? Prahran homeowners can rest easy that the experts at Drain Surgery can take care of any home drainage issue. We have been in the industry for more than 16 years, working to resolve numerous types of blocked drains. As Prahran’s best local plumbing company, we are proud to offer our specialist services to clients throughout the wider Melbourne area. If you are experiencing issues with blocked drains in Prahran, get in touch with our plumbing professionals at Drain Surgery. We’ll definitely fix any drain blockage in your home!

Blocked Drains Prahran 2

Blocked Drains – Prahran

Need help with blocked drains in Prahran? Get in touch with Drain Surgery now. Blocked drains are not only be infuriating but, if left unattended, can also cause significant damage to your property. At Drain Surgery, we get down and dirty to investigate what is blocking your drain! A blockage in a bathroom drain or toilet can be caused by several items, while kitchen sink drains usually become blocked from grease and oil. We help with any blocked drain – Prahran residents can call us today!


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